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Start with concepts and art direction, make talent, photography and media buys, implement digital color correction and management schemes, design, layout and production of all project materials like catalogs, ads, brochures, tradeshow booth graphics, architectural signage systems and of course a website hosting package with full back-end support and CMS training.

24-7 Involvement…

Committed to solving graphic and information design issues within an existing framework, or ready to think outside the box with a new solution:
a network of proven professionals will assist with disciplines from photography to database design and are ready to serve your needs.

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Websites Large and Small

A reliable network of creatives and coders make it possible to deliver complete web site design solutions for your online presence without worry about how all the pieces fit together. Concentrate on your immediate and future needs, communicate them clearly, and we will ask the RIGHT questions together; realizing results that pay off right away while meeting and exceeding expectations with surprising ease. Contact Captain Carl @ design, polizzi today: exploring our shared interests may reveal a graphic solution and a smile.

Print Creative and Production

Decades of print experience with clients from fashion to function hints at an extensive skillset: start with concepts and art direction, make talent, photography and media buys, implement digital color correction and management schemes, design, layout and production of all project materials like catalogs, ads, brochures, trade show graphics, signage and of course a website.

Then establish file structure and digital asset management plans including the assimilation of old materials and planning of future archives, cross-platform and multi-purpose file needs; then co-ordinate all aspects of color, pre-press, printing and mailing if youreally need that much help.
Most clients are further along and have a wealth of legacy material to draw from, so it is common to jump in mid-stream and lend a hand or put out a fire.

Web Jaguar Suite

More than 700 customers trust and leverage on WebJaguar E-Business Suite web packages for their ecommerce and dynamic website needs. With must-have features such as lead generation, marketing, tracking and promotion tools, and the ability to easily and quickly manage the site contentswith little or no technical knowledge required.
advanced emedia website


Constantly Amazed
MC Graphic Design
I have been in the design & advertising business for over 25 years in the San Diego area, and although I consider myself to be a qualified artist & designer, I am constantly amazed at what new techniques & ideas Carl comes up with. He seems to stay on the cutting edge of technology, is well versed in a wide variety of related software programs, & is a wizard at troubleshooting hardware issues. To say he comes highly recommended would be an understatement, & if you are considering bringing him in as a part of your work team, I’d suggest you do so before someone else does!
—Mitch Couasnon,
MC Graphic Design

Mad Media Design
I had the great pleasure of working directly under Carl for several years while employed at CEET Racing. Under Carl’s direction we developed several hundred custom graphic products for the after market motorcycle/ATV/Watercraft industry. Many of which are still being sold today. We also developed proprietary printing methods in order to expand the current parameters of screen-printing.

Carl not only helped shape and hone my design and creative skills but also my business and personal ethics. Carl directed me in print design, ad design, design for screen printing application, photography, and apparel design. Carl continues to grow his skill set and is constantly pushing to acquire new knowledge.
—Matt Martelli,
seriously mad media

Cost Saving Solutions
Because of Carl’s remarkable up-to-the-minute knowledge of the industry, natural ability for organization, and stunning artistic ability, we have tasked him several times for high profile projects.
From graphic design to programming, Carl continues to amaze us with his intuitive solutions. He is always aware of the client’s needs and tight deadlines. Complicated technical specifications are never a problem for Carl. His years of experience shows. Often, he has returned time and cost saving solutions for our communications projects with no sacrifice to creativity.
—Allison Ohman,

Thanks Carl. You surely work magic.
—Dave Chu,
Northern California Branch of AALAS

Seasoned Professional

As a project manager and copy writer, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Carl on many different graphic design projects. The vast knowledge, exuberance and dedication that Carl brings to his work is impressive. He has a penchant for staying on the cutting edge of technology and, along with his already demanding work load, he is always pursuing various avenues of continuing education.

Furthermore, his ability to analyze, trouble shoot, take the lead or serve as team player demonstrates his invaluable talent of tackling each project with the know how and flexibility of a seasoned professional. Carl has been instrumental in helping me to launch several small businesses and I will definately solicit his expertise in the future.
—Kyla Duckworth, the Write Idea

Responding to all kinds of input without complaint
A happy client takes the time to say so:


Clear, direct and sensitive:
I was impressed further with Mr. Polizzi’s ability to “lead” me through a very complex technological maze of design and related decisions regarding the “look” and utility features of my potential web site. He was very clear, direct and sensitive to my needs, and the limits of my “techie” background, as well as my financial and time constraints. Mr. Polizzi was very articulate and convincing in pointing out the benefits of including interactive features in my web site to make it stand out from the “average” web site for my type of business. Mr. Polizzi’s studio office was extremely impressive in terms of his commitment to updating hardware and the mastery of related graphic and media software he has mastered. Mr. Polizzi is not someone who is content with what he can already do. Mr. Polizzi frequently updates his software and design skills.
The more I get to know Mr. Polizzi and his work, the more convinced I am that he is a dedicated and talented graphic artist who has put in the work, time, and study to be considered a true professional in his field.
—Bogdan Kulminski, M.A., L.Ac.

Robert Bejar PhotoArts, Encinitas, CA

34 Acre Glamping Camp

Valley Center Glamping, located in Valley Center, CA is just the place for that good-old fashioned, get-back-to-nature camping; providing a way to reconnect with self, nature and community. Nestled in the foothills of the Palomar Mountains, historic Valley Center is a county style town with charm of yesteryear, settled over 150 years ago after President Lincoln signed the Homestead Act on May 20, 1862.

Why Yes, I Write!

What's it all about? In the fresh and fun new creative writing app, WE™ —as writers— gather to collaborate, to write stories together, and to publish our collective work! All the while, we will help one another create AND give back to charity. Sooooo, we will frequently ask questions (like, “Whodunnit?”) …and we depend upon you to have the answers.


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